For more than a decade, Pacific Primary explored ways to expand the size of the school and meet its long-stated goals of accessibility, affordability and diversity. In recent years, as enrollment demand has increased rapidly, the pressure to expand became even greater. But it had always been difficult to find an adequate site that would meet our needs.

In January 2006, through the extraordinary generosity of a handful of alumni families and with the support of First Republic Bank, Pacific Primary acquired the Hicks Temple, located directly across the street from the school.

On this Second Site, Pacific Primary realized a dream and built the future of the School for our children and our grandchildren. The Orange Sun School accommodates 74 children, almost doubling the enrollment in the school and allows us to meet our mission of serving the greatest number of San Francisco’s working families.

We opened our doors as scheduled on Tuesday, September 2, 2008.  Together, we have begun this new chapter in the school’s history. Many thanks to everyone who helped realize the dream of making the Pacific Primary experience available to more children and their families.