We believe that our number one priority is creating a “childhood” for each child that is filled with discovery, play, love of learning and connections with others. Our teachers’ skill, dedication and knowledge are what create the exceptional learning environment at Pacific Primary. Children feel respected and they respect their teachers in return. The teachers provide an emotional climate that is safe, loving and secure, which allows for creativity, meaningful learning, connection and the cultivation of the joy of learning. The great diversity of the school allows children to feel confident about differences and provides them with the ability to welcome change and growth. Children leave Pacific Primary with a love of learning, ability to make connections, and welcome differences. The school has a strong commitment to the creative arts with dedicated specialists in music, movement and the expressive arts.


Schedule: The school has always sought to support working parents and therefore operates year-round from 7:45 AM to 5:30 PM. The tuition allows for flexibility of hours and is not pro-rated.

Meals: A nutritious simple breakfast, a hot lunch and morning and afternoon snacks are prepared by the chef at the school. Family-style meals include organic fruits, vegetables and grains.

Field Trips: San Francisco’s extraordinary local environment is an important resource for our school. From October through June, classes explore the city through weekly field trips, usually using public transportation and with the assistance of parent volunteers.

Summer Program: Our wonderful summer program begins in July and includes two months of fun-filled field trips. We take excursions throughout the Bay Area on a chartered school bus, with child safety seats, and the support of parents and extra staff.

Family Volunteering: Pacific Primary relies heavily on parent involvement. The volunteer opportunities are flexible enough to meet the skills and schedules of all our parents. Volunteering is an important way families feel a part of our community and requires a minimum of:

  • Attendance at an Orientation Meeting
  • Attendance on one Maintenance Day
  • Participation in Fundraising events (Annual Fund, Book Fair, Auction)
  • Assistance with organizing a Fundraising event
  • Joining a Parent Committee