Pacific Primary has a long history of honoring economic diversity and is deeply committed to making our school accessible to families from a wide range of economic situations. Our Tuition Assistance Program is designed for families that feel that the cost of attending the school would pose a financial hardship. We treat each application individually and confidentially, and Tuition Assistance varies with each family. The typical range of tuition reduction is between 10 – 85%.

The funding for the Tuition Assistance Program is made possible through our fundraising efforts and interest income from our Tuition Assistance Endowment. Our goal is to assist approximately 25% of our families. Families that receive tuition assistance may also be offered additional support for other expenses, including the application fee, if necessary. Families who apply and qualify for a reduction in tuition will be offered assistance in future years at approximately the same level, if the family’s financial circumstances remain essentially the same.

Families are welcome to apply for this program by completing the Tuition Assistance Application and providing a current year IRS form and wage stub.

All information regarding the application is confidential. Re-application is required yearly.

CLICK HERE TO BEGIN the Tuition Assistance application process.

To receive further information, please call Ilsa Miller, Executive Director or Amie Haiz, Finance and Operations Director at 415-409-1961.