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Pacific Primary

Pacific Primary was founded in 1974, by a group of parents and Mary Nordland Bodo. A Board of Directors was elected and funds were raised from foundations, parents and other interested parties enabling the school to acquire and remodel the site at 1500 Grove Street. The immeasurable cooperative effort by staff and parents that turned their goals into a reality, set the precedent for the supportive and cohesive community that still surrounds the school. Parents continue to actively support the school by fundraising, maintaining the school’s physical plant and are welcome in the classroom and on field trips. The staff continues to consist of some of the most talented, experienced and dedicated professionals in their field.

The Yellow Sun School is the original school and opened in September, 1974. The Orange Sun School opened in September, 2008. Both schools provide an exceptional and nurturing learning environment filled with play and hands-on experiences for children ages two and a half to six years old. The educational philosophy draws upon a variety of educational approaches to achieve deep and meaningful learning. The school maintains a strong commitment to the creative arts through music, movement and the expressive arts, with dedicated specialists in both areas. Since its founding, Pacific Primary has supported working parents by providing a full-day program. Pacific Primary celebrates diversity — ethnic, racial, economic — and all types of families, including adoptive, LGBTQ and one or more parent families. Located in San Francisco’s Western Addition neighborhood, the school serves families from the Bay Area.