Pacific Primary provides an exceptional learning environment that supports the whole child and places the needs of the children first. The program is designed to foster growth and creativity within each child in many areas of development:

  • Emotional – the staff helps children understand their emotions and find acceptable ways to express them. The staff is skilled in positive discipline techniques and appropriate limit-setting.
  • Social – the children learn how to handle conflict through problem-solving and communication, so that they become confident and capable individuals who respect others and embrace differences.
  • Cognitive – the staff uses a variety of approaches, so that the children become excited and confident learners in literacy (reading and writing readiness), pre-math, science, the creative arts and all areas of the curriculum.
  • Physical – the school’s program helps build healthy bodies, encourages the development of physical skills, a love of the outdoors, and a sense of wonder and respect for nature.

Our curriculum is designed to encourage children to enjoy the process of learning and to love school. We want children to explore their environment. Experiential “hands-on” learning activities and child-initiated activities are encouraged and supported by the teachers. We implement both:

Emergent Curriculum – the exploration of projects by the class, inspired by the area of the children’s interests.

Thematic Curriculum – which includes activities that the teachers recognize as interesting and engaging to children.

The curriculum is age-appropriate, recognizing the predictable sequence of growth and development of children, respecting the way young children think, feel and interact and acknowledging each child’s unique abilities.

At Pacific Primary, each child feels respected, loved, secure, and open to learning. In the school’s warm and supportive community, families, as well as the children thrive. Each child leaves Pacific Primary ready for the new demands and opportunities of elementary school and beyond.